My website

Hi all.

My website, is functioning again after changing hosts.  The folks at GoDaddy and one dude at Sitestar have been super helpful during this process.  Unfortunately though, my site does not automatically come up, when I Google it.  Though it is a challenge for my skill set, I am slowly tackling this issue.  If you want to view my website, enter the address into the url box above.  Thanks for your patience.

And now I am returning to a painting of a cute palamino.  I will post progress images soon.


Be back soon….

Oh how I am missing my artworld.  Life took a turn and I chose to take a long term sub job teaching calculus, pre calculus, and geometry and the high school I so dearly love and believe in.  Now I know for sure, I want to teach only art in order to strengthen and then diversify my skills.  Teaching my students art helps me to breathe and I look forward to my next teaching position.

I am blessed presently, as this school year comes to an end, to be working on two commissions.  One of a large black great dane and the other of a very cute and a little bit round quarter horse that will be given as a Birthday gift to the client’s wife.  I will be back soon with some images of my current work in progress.