Streamliner Diner Showing

Hello!  Just a few more days left for my work to be displayed at the Streamliner Diner on Bainbridge Island.  Their food is always tastey and atmosphere always friendly. Weekend breakfast is a real treat. My work is coming down this weekend on Sunday January 29 so if you are interested in a painting or print, email me!  Charlotte’s neighbor, this means you.  Thanks!


This is Sessil

Tacoma’s Equest Fest was a great success.  Thank you to the organizers for a seamless event.  Thank you to all the kind people who visited my booth and purchased artwork.  While I was painting ‘Sessil’, I had the chance to overhear some chatter about how informational the hour long sessions were. Some people had a hard time choosing between talks!  Subjects included ‘Alternative Methods’ for treating one’s horse and ‘Desensitization Techniques’, to name a few.   The fashion show must have been a racket as I heard a lot of clapping and laughter.

It took me roughly 3 hours, with a few breaks, to paint Sessil the mare during Equest Fest.  She was a mare who I once knew in Ellensburg, Washington on a friend’s farm.  She was so beautiful and had a special presence and sweetness about her that comes across in my painting of her.  I now have 14″ x 11″ prints available for $50.00.   Email: if you are interested, or call 206.940.3248.  Thanks!


Northwest EquestFest in Tacoma!

I hope this year is already off to a great start for you!  I am excited to be a part of this Festival in Tacoma, Northwest EquestFest coming up on Saturday, January 7th 9am-10pm.  This is a celebration of  the horse and geared toward equestrians who appreciate sharing education and opinions with other equestrians.  There will be lectures, demonstrations, and things for sale like my paintings.  Please come and say hello.  The online link for more information is here:

As I will be demonstrating my paintings live, I am putting a call out for people to email me pictures of their horse(s) to paint from.  Images need to be copyright free or have permission from the photographer.  Thanks!

Pictures may be emailed to me at

Here is a commission of special mare named April that I painted a few years ago.