Thank you Streamliner Diner

Thank you very much for all of the kind remarks and compliments on my artwork displayed at the Streamliner Diner. Thank you to owner Christina for always being so kind and gracious when I have new work to show. And thank you to the staff for your extra efforts that do not go unnoticed.

I am so happy to be able to display my new Canoe Series featuring scenes from the recent Canoe Journey in Suquamish.  This Sunday February 26 is the last day of this showing.  Prints and some originals are available for purchase through me.


Suquamish Welcoming, 17″ x 15″, Watercolor on paper

$600.00, limited edition prints $80.00


Painting this image has been a grand learning curve.  I am getting to know gouache and how to use it, as mixed with my watercolors.  The two mediums don’t always like to play nicely together. There are a few composition issues that I am going to address, through changing values and hues and where Ido and don’t want the viewer’s eye to wander to.  Stay tuned for the next posting of this painting in progress.