Young Riders Horse Trials Benefit at Lincoln Creek – Area VII

What an amazing weekend we all had, mostly because the young riders members (including their family members) put forth 101% in their volunteer energy and sweat to make this event a success. This was a very well run event and on a lovely property. The grass is infused with wild mint which gives off a lovely aroma here and there. The office crew was awesome, organized, and helpful. Organizer Anni Grandia, et al did a super duper job. I love eventers! “Good luck on your ride” was heard again and again by so many competitors. I was present with my art tent of horse paintings, greeting cards, prints, and offering of personalized horse portraits which I created with my water soluble Finito pen. If you enjoy sketching, find one! The versatility will amaze you.

I look forward to more sketching and to see everyone again at Equestrians’ Institute Horse Trials at Cle Elum Horse Park next month. Here are a few portraits from YRHT.


“Scout”                                                  “Lily”


Horse sketches, completed, are roughly 10″ x 12″ and may be framed. Email me a picture of your horse and I will send you a sketch for $25.00. Or hit me up at EI next month.  Email: