Art Classes

Private Art Lessons

Beginning July 2017 I am available for private art lessons.  This includes Paint n Sips, group lessons, or single participants.  If you can get 4-5 people together I will come to your residence for one or a series of drawing or watercolor classes. This could be fun for a celebration such as Birthday, graduation, art cocktail party, or simply to hone your art skills.   Class length varies from 2-4 hours.  I charge $50.00/hour plus travel and provide a supply list so that everyone is prepared.  Ages 16 and older please. I am a certified k-12 Art teacher in Washington State.

Party Time:

Are you interested in having an artist at your party to teach guests how to draw or paint? I am available for Birthday parties (children and adults) and other social gatherings where you believe having a working artist present would enhance the atmosphere for your guests.

Call or email: 206-940-3248     Email:

Teaching Information:

I teach Drawing and Painting.  I’m almost set up to teach online, live. The focus is on attaining drawing skills or honing your present skills to take you to the next level. Attention is given to implementing the Elements of Art and Principles of Design as the foundation for decisions in art making.  I am a certified Visual Arts Teacher and professional working artist who has a passion for empowering students through skills acquisition in a positive atmosphere. I am methodical, kind, and supportive in my teaching. We can meet in your work space, a cafe, online soon, or appropriate public space. $45.00 per hour.

How to sign up: Call or text or email Michele 206-940-3248