In most cases, this is how commissions work: You email me a few images of your animal and share with me what you would like the composition to look like.  This means, where do you want the animal placed within the final image? Would you like to have two images combined into one by adding a barn, for example, or something significant and meaningful to you?  It’s easy to ad another animal, fence, house, landscape of your choice, for example. This is one reason for a value sketch which is a quick way for us both to see what the final composition might look like as far as placement and balance of dark/light, or values.

We agree on a final vision and I begin with a value sketch which you view via email as it progresses.  Necessary changes are discussed and made. At this time during our communications, I continue working after I have received half down of the agreed upon final price.  This can be done via Paypal, Square, check, or money order.

You will receive images via email as the painting progresses. My goal is to create a painting which you will be pleased to hang in your office or home, or give as a gift. This is a very brief overview of how my commissions process works. Please ask any questions that you are curious about.

Prior to shipping, your painting will be mounted on acid free foam core backing and with a light cream colored acid free mat. In most cases clients enjoy being able to choose their own frame to match home or office interior. If you prefer me to frame your painting before  shipping, let me know.

My pricing varies from $500-$3,000.  Prices are guided by how many figures are painted within the painting, format size, and medium.  Coming soon here is a list of various sizes, mediums, prices to give you an idea of what works for you.  Thanks!  ~Michele

“Julia N Noodle”, watercolor and chalk pastel,      12″ x 15″.  2018.
“Sessil”, watercolor, 22″ x 18″ framed. 2016.


Quick value sketch
“Oscar”, watercolor, 18″ x 12″ unframed.
“April”, watercolor, 20″ x 16″ framed. 2015.
Value sketch in graphite during the process of Beemer.
In the process of Beemer - watercolor
In the process of Beemer – watercolor
“Beemer”, watercolor, 11″x14″.
The real Beemer!
The real Beemer!
“Macho”, watercolor, 14″ x 11″. 2012
Round Pony, watercolor, 14
Round Pony, watercolor, 14″ x 11″. 2012.