Salish Canoes

During the 2016 Canoe Journey, Paddle to Nisqually, in Suquamish, I had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of these canoes and make a few new friends as well.  An art teacher of mine once told me that one should really only paint that which one is drawn to. I am certainly drawn to many aspects of these canoes and appreciate possessing the skills to represent them in watercolor. I feel that the cultural narrative of these canoes is under represented in the art world and I want to be part of changing this.

‘Salmon Canoe’, 14″x 20″, watercolor, framed , sold. 8″x10″ print $25.00
‘Suquamish Welcoming’, 17″ x 15″, watercolor, framed $600.00, fine art digital prints $80.00, 11″ x 9″.
‘Looking South’, 27″ x 19″, watercolor, framed, sold.  fine art digital print 19″ x 13, $185.00.
‘Looking East’, 16″x20″, watercolor, framed $700.00. 8″x10″print $25.00.
‘Community’, 18″ x 22″, watercolor, framed $700.00.
‘Arrived’, 28″ x 20″, watercolor framed, $900.00. 8″x10″ prints $25.00.
‘Connections’, 14″ x 11″, framed watercolor, $400.00.

‘Dreaming Canoes’, 28″ x 22″, watercolor and chalk pastel, framed, $900.00.  

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