New Year’s Resolution?

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Do you have multiple Resolutions? Personally I like to keep some focus on one or more ‘goals’ for the year. Sometimes I win, sometimes I forget it by January 2.  This year my focus is, and has been since mid December, ‘to live from my authentic artist self’. As an artist this does mean to engage and respect my creative self more and more all the time.  Questioning and listening to that all pervasive artist being inside is part of this process.  If only I could find that planet called ‘Planet Arts’ where we, the artists, are not the aliens, but all who do not possess that unmistakable creative force are indeed the aliens or freaks of society.  Now that would turn the tables. I will keep dreaming of this special planet and continue my New Years Goal hear on earth of listening to and living from my authentic artist self, on many levels. It’s been working well since mid December so I figure I’ll have a running start come New Years.

I would love to hear about your New Year’s Resolution(s) or whatever it is  you may decide to begin on January 1.  Happy 2016 and blessings to you.