Beautiful Northwest

When I’m not painting or teaching art, I enjoy hiking with friends to places such as Little River in Port Angeles, Washington. This is clearly one of the most beautiful settings; very similar to the Hoh Rain Forest. We hiked in a few miles, enjoyed the fragrance, caves, flora, hearing water drop from the rock cliffs, and strolling by trees who are 500 years old.  Then we saw cougar tracks and decided it was time to go back anyway.  We are blessed in this corner of the world.

Custom Animal Portraits


Did you know that I paint custom animal portraits? This melange of artwork represents crops of commissions in watercolor (painted) and graphite (sketched).

Here’s how my process works:  After receiving a few images via email I get to work creating value sketches representing a few different compositions. Once we agree on a composition I get to work painting. During the process I email the customer images of progress so that tweaks and adjustments may be made. Once complete, the customer approves the final image via email. After I receive payment via check, cc, or PayPal, I send it off (unframed in most cases) to the customer.  Most people enjoy choosing the framing process themselves and matching the artwork to its surroundings.  My prices range from $500.00 (8″x10″ unframed) to $2500 (20″ x 28″ unframed). Please contact me with any questions:, 206.940.3248.


Thank you Emerald Downs and Washington State Thoroughbred Racing Association for hosting Equine Art juried art show, again!  Such cool venue and so well organized.  My paintings ‘Seuss’ and the new ‘T-25’ are available for sale through Sunday July 16th at Emerald Downs.  Prints for T-25 available soon.  I just love the energy in this painting and am quite happy with how it has turned out.

BuckingHorse T-25

T-25, watercolor on paper, 19″ x 28″ framed, $950.00.

Bucking Horse

So this bucking bronco will soon be complete with a wild mane.  Since I have been painting canoes for the past 9 months, it is gratifying to paint the horse.  I enjoy capturing the action that comes with pretty much any horse, mostly three day eventing and rodeo horses.  Being a rodeo competitor has got to be one of the most dangerous ways to make a living and I think half of these people are both brave and crazy.

This painting will get more layers of paint after I have the initial composition painted in. Check back for updates.  I now have both cards and 8×10 prints available of my  horse and canoe paintings.  BuckingHorse4-100dpi

Suquamish Museum 34th Anniversary

Thank you to those who visited the Suquamish Museum on Saturday June 3 for their 34th Anniversary party.  What a rich and soulful Museum this is.  Off the Rez food truck put out some great food for this event while Lynne Ferguson sang to us outside.  What a great day it was.  I truly appreciated feedback about my artwork which was focused on my canoe series in watercolor from images of the Paddle to Nisqually last summer. Artists present included Peg Deam and Randi Purser who were also demonstrating their craft and skills.


Happy Spring!  Here in the northwest I think we are all really really looking forward to some sunshine, BBQ’s, time outside, and longer hours to paint by for those who have that natural light studio happening.  This image, Cowboy, is one of my favorites so I thought I would plaster it on my page this morning.  Soon I will be offering 8×10 and 11×14 prints in two genres: Western Art and Canoe Images.  I am working on this online retail space, aside from my website,, which offers larger prints.  Have an awesome week!

Cowboy, 17″ x 28″, watercolor on paper. Limited edition s/n 25 prints. $225. Painting based on images taken by Keith Soderstrom while at The Ponderosa Ranch, OR, 1999. First Place Watercolor Division, Equine Art 2000, Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association, Emerald Downs, Auburn, WA.

Blast From the Past


This is King.  This 30″x 24″ painting of watercolor and pastel is called ‘Grace’.  King was a sweet stallion with a big heart.  I painted him because he evoked such power in a graceful way.  Though he has passed on, I love this image of him doing his horse thing, grazing in the pasture.

This painting was purchased by a very lucky person at the invitation only PONCHO art auction which raised money for many arts organizations in Seattle.  Sadly, PONCHO is no longer with us either.


A new canoe painting with a big beautiful salmon painted on it.  I was captivated by the red, black, and green that creates such an impact on this beautiful canoe.  And there are so many to choose from to paint!  Each one is beautiful and I’m sure has many stories to tell.  For this week I have chosen this one to paint.  It looks kind of firey to me.  I’ll post more as this watercolor piece comes to life. Here is a cropping of progress.  SalmonCanoeIterationCrop96dpi

Thank you Streamliner Diner

Thank you very much for all of the kind remarks and compliments on my artwork displayed at the Streamliner Diner. Thank you to owner Christina for always being so kind and gracious when I have new work to show. And thank you to the staff for your extra efforts that do not go unnoticed.

I am so happy to be able to display my new Canoe Series featuring scenes from the recent Canoe Journey in Suquamish.  This Sunday February 26 is the last day of this showing.  Prints and some originals are available for purchase through me.


Suquamish Welcoming, 17″ x 15″, Watercolor on paper

$600.00, limited edition prints $80.00