Custom Animal Portraits


Did you know that I paint custom animal portraits? This melange of artwork represents crops of commissions in watercolor (painted) and graphite (sketched).

Here’s how my process works:  After receiving a few images via email I get to work creating value sketches representing a few different compositions. Once we agree on a composition I get to work painting. During the process I email the customer images of progress so that tweaks and adjustments may be made. Once complete, the customer approves the final image via email. After I receive payment via check, cc, or PayPal, I send it off (unframed in most cases) to the customer.  Most people enjoy choosing the framing process themselves and matching the artwork to its surroundings.  My prices range from $500.00 (8″x10″ unframed) to $2500 (20″ x 28″ unframed). Please contact me with any questions:, 206.940.3248.

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