This is Sessil

Tacoma’s Equest Fest was a great success.  Thank you to the organizers for a seamless event.  Thank you to all the kind people who visited my booth and purchased artwork.  While I was painting ‘Sessil’, I had the chance to overhear some chatter about how informational the hour long sessions were. Some people had a hard time choosing between talks!  Subjects included ‘Alternative Methods’ for treating one’s horse and ‘Desensitization Techniques’, to name a few.   The fashion show must have been a racket as I heard a lot of clapping and laughter.

It took me roughly 3 hours, with a few breaks, to paint Sessil the mare during Equest Fest.  She was a mare who I once knew in Ellensburg, Washington on a friend’s farm.  She was so beautiful and had a special presence and sweetness about her that comes across in my painting of her.  I now have 14″ x 11″ prints available for $50.00.   Email: if you are interested, or call 206.940.3248.  Thanks!


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